Treating HIV is not as difficult as you think

The treatment of hiv has now become possible only due to the untiring efforts of Dr. Arun Kumar Tyagi. Dr. Arun Kumar Tyagi has given new life to many patients with his medicines. Efforts are being made to make AIDS prevention in almost every country of the world, but this virus is very dangerous and the clever, so no scientist has been successful so far. But the efforts of scientists were successful to some extent and they discovered ART, this medicine can not cure the patient but can make life easier. But the treatment that is done at our clinic completely cures the patient.

In the decade of the eighties, the patient died in AIDS in 3 years, seeing that Arun Kumar Tyagi resolved to find a cure for this disease and succeeded in achieving his resolve. According to the doctor, this AIDS virus attacks the lymphatic system as soon as it is found in the blood. These viruses affect immunity and adapt their genes to human cells.

There is a fear among people about this disease, but patients who are suffering from this disease must contact our clinic. According to doctor tyagi, many people also hesitate to get hiv tested due to fear.

Symptoms of HIV in women

AIDS is an infection, due to the effect of this infection, the natural immune power is lost because this virus attacks the lymph cells. Often, the patient is not aware of this disease and it is late, but if it is too late, the patient can also die in 12 to 14 months. Influenza-like symptoms are seen early in the disease, but after some time, no symptoms are seen. After getting infected with hiv, the patient can suffer from various types of diseases, so it is very important to know about the symptoms of this disease.

Throat Choke

When a woman drinks sufficient amount of water and continues to have a sore throat for a long time or feels a sore throat, the woman may suffer from AIDS.

Dry cough

Symptoms of AIDS include dry cough for a long time. If someone does not cough but there is always phlegm in the mouth. The taste of the mouth is bad. In case of any of these symptoms, get HIV test done.


If a person has the problem of repeated vomiting, then the person may be infected with hiv virus. He should get a hiv test done once.

Feeling tired all the time

When a woman feels tired throughout the day, it can be a symptom, but if fatigue is due to exertion, it is a simple physical process.

Muscle strains

Muscle tension, stiffness and being can also be a symptom of hiv, but if it is due to over exertion and heavy weight lifting, then it cannot be called a symptom.

Recurrent fever

Having fever is a simple matter, it can happen to any person at any age, but if it happens again and again, then the person may be hiv positive.

Gradual weight loss

Weight loss can happen due to any reason, but if a person's weight is reduced by 10 percent, then you should get it checked immediately, it can also be a symptom of hiv.

Blue marks on the body

If a person has red, blue and purple colored marks on many body parts like mouth, under eyes and nose, then it can be a hiv symptom.

Other HIV Symptoms

  1. Skin problem
  2. Make mistakes
  3. Night sweats
  4. Chills
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Diarrhea

Which people are more at risk of getting hiv

Men having sex with men

Men who have physical activity from other men are at higher risk of getting AIDS.


If a woman has unprotected sex with a man who is infected with hiv, the woman is more at risk of getting infected with hiv. The risk of hiv infection is highest due to unprotected sex.


In the young state, the person has more curiosity to do physical activity, in this age, they do a lot of physical relationships and do not even care about safety in the charge, due to which the risk of hiv also increases.

Injection intoxication

Individuals who take drugs by injection are at greater risk of getting AIDS because in many circumstances the person uses the injections used by the infected hiv patient during intoxication.


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